Java Development

A Java codebase of the highest quality is always delivered to power your solution, with decades of experience in the complete Java ecosystem to back it up.

Data Tracking

Not all data collection is bad. Let’s offer an enhanced experience by leveraging powerful technologies including data pipelines, ELK, etc. to provide meaningful data and improvements.


Collecting all your data in one place has just one purpose – to gain enough knowledge in order to drive your business safely. Come to us and let’s build a different reality together.

Task Management

With the help of modern tools and practices, everything is organised so that more gets done with short sprints, quick iterations and rapid testing.

We are domain experts in:

Advertising Technology

You find yourself confused with abbreviations like DMP, DSP, SSP, etc. You don’t need to be.

We have delivered several projects that utilised these and other platforms, as well as involving multiple functions in one final product. While engineering these systems we’ve gained significant domain knowledge that can easily be incorporated to suit your vision, your new outstanding product.

System Integrations

We believe that we are at a point where there isn’t a good reason to reinvent the wheel. Rather than building everything from scratch, we analyse the market and investigate existing solutions so that we can offer you the most cost-effective solution, especially in today’s open API era. Our ultimate goal is to find the best vector for attacking the problem. No matter if your product is cloud-based or an on-premise solution – there are always alternatives to building on your own. So let’s focus on the core of your business and not waste time building something from the ground up.

eCommerce Solution

After several successful projects that are currently in use, we’ve come to recognise the most sought after eCommerce functionalities for supporting B2C, B2B, Marketplace, Multi-Site, Multi-Tenant and API Commerce; easily extendable to support multiple mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS. Utilising open-source tools: Java, Spring Framework, and others, your new product can become an easily customisable platform that is tailored to your specific requirements. We can provide you with a well established, easily recognisable feature set, including:: Shopping Cart Management, Product Lifecycle Management and Fulfillment, Orders, Customers Relationship Management, Smart Search based on proven Search Engines, etc.

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